Active Hurricane Season Predicted for 2021: Prepare Your Staff and Residents Now

By: John Ruffier

Sometimes a reminder is a good thing. With hurricane season here, and experts predicting it may be a busy one (although we hope not), now’s a good time to look back at a Senior Housing News article discussing the lessons learned by Insignia Senior Living after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico two years ago and left their facility with no electricity for five months.   

Here in Florida, we are all too aware of the problems that come with storms and power outages.  But, even though Florida facilities generally all have generators these days to deal with power outages, it still is a good practice to review your hurricane plan with staff and residents now – and not when a storm is looming.

At a minimum, odds are that facilities will have to deal with the threat of a storm at some point during hurricane season, so making sure everyone is aware of your facility’s plan in such a situation is a best practice we highly recommend.

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