Co-Housing for Seniors

By Shawn Rader:

In the October 4th issue of Senior Housing News, Tim Mullaney discusses the movement towards co-housing as a senior living alternative which might better address the issues of loneliness, isolation and depression than more traditional senior living arrangements.

In co-housing, the senior is paired with a carefully chosen roommate.  They move into an apartment the architecture for which has safety as a priority (eg., no steps, walk-in showers, etc.).  The resident gets visited by staff and has access to services such as meals, rides and health care on tap through apps.  The cost is between $1500.00-$3000.00 per month, including utilities and services.   The living arrangement is actually a good one for the pandemic, with the resident remaining at home but having the roommate and company.

Creating a co-housing project is not simple. Zoning and land availability can be impediments, but existing projects show that these can be overcome.  The UpsideHōm and Wild Sage projects prove that this is the case.

Baby boomers want a different living experience as a senior compared to their parents and grandparents.  Co-housing could fit the bill.

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