Creative Senior Living

By Shawn Rader: In an article by Tim Mullaney in the Senior Housing News, he addresses the challenges faced by senior living providers in dealing with the next generation of senior living residents, the baby boomers and those coming after. He quotes Chris Hollister, Chairman of Dallas-based Pegasus Senior Living, as stating that the next big thing in baby boomers—50 years after Woodstock—is the boomers figuring out how to “go back to the commune.”

Not only are boomers going to demand a self-designed retirement, but other factors could well come into play and allow boomers to put off their entry into senior living communities until much later in life—if at all. Medicines, technology, artificial intelligence, and self-driving cars all militate towards a more independent lifestyle for boomers as they age.

Senior housing operators would therefore be well advised to look for ways to implement technology and healthy aspects of more communal living in order to attract this generation.

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