Florida’s Agency for Healthcare Administration Announces Crackdown on Employee Background Checks

cautiontapeFlorida’s Chapter of the Assisted Living Federation of America just advised that Florida’s Agency for Healthcare Administration¬†released an e-blast today warning that it will begin to carefully scrutinize employee rosters at senior living facilities to make sure they are up-to-date and that all appropriate background checks have been performed:

Effective April 1, AHCA will be reviewing facility Employee Rosters as part of the survey process. They will be checking to determine whether employees have been added and updated accordingly ensuring compliance with Background Screening Requirements. If you are found out of compliance, a deficiency will be issued and a fine imposed. This will occur during any survey, whether biennial, a complaint, or routine monitoring.

Review your rosters and make sure that you are in compliance. Remember that initial employment status and any changes in status must be reported within 10 business days. Specific information can be found in Section 435.12 (2), F.S.  Thanks for Florida ALFA for always doing a great job letting us know of these risks!

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