Nursing home residents voted to bring in strippers

Certainly the oddest news item of the year involving senior’s housing is this article from the New York Post regarding a Long Island nursing home that hired “low-rent Chippendale’s” to perform a striptease in the facility’s rec room:

While amusing for us, the owners of the nursing home are now the subject of a lawsuit by one resident’s son, who claims his 85-year old mother – a traditional Baptist – has been “defiled” after discovering a picture of his mother stuffing dollar bills into a dancer’s briefs. The New York State Attorney’s office is also looking into the matter. While common sense would dictate that this sort of entertainment is ill-advised and opens up a host of potential liability issues (imagine if a heart attack had occurred during the performance), it does serve as a reminder that having a good executive director providing strong staff oversight is essential for limiting liability.

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