Technology for Senior Living

by: Hallie Fisher.  The Building Design & Construction Network states that unique and distinctive amenities are a must-have for Senior Living Facilities. Examples of such amenities include access to walking trails, innovative and fun dining options, access to retail, and access to activities (such as spas, movie theaters, or nature). While these amenities are important, it’s arguable that one of the most important amenities will be the ability for residents to access the latest technology – an aspect in which the senior housing market has historically fallen short.

 Almost all Baby Boomers own computers, and 7 in 10 Americans over the age of 50 own a smartphone ( Recent trends demonstrate that Baby Boomers are tech-savvy, and the ability to maintain a tech-savvy lifestyle is only going to become more important as the current Baby Boomer population starts entering the senior housing market.

 In addition, Baby Boomers’ families are even more tech-savvy than Baby Boomers themselves. Before sending loved one to a senior housing facility, families of Baby Boomers are going to require their family members’ new homes are equipped with up-to-date technology. This will allow residents of senior living facilities to contact their family members readily, ensure medical care is communicated to all parties (doctors, patients, families of patients) in the most efficient manner, and ensure that these facilities can access the latest medical and health technology.

 Technology is evolving quickly, and while it’s difficult to anticipate what the next trend will be, designing infrastructure that can be modified (relatively) easily to account for changes in technological trends would be beneficial for the senior housing market. Designing a senior living facility with technology in mind will be attractive to tech-savvy seniors and their families, and will ensure that the building is equipped to handle new technological trends that arise – whether they are recreational or medical.


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