What Will Interest Rates Do in 2017?

Our good friends at HJ Sims Investments recently published their “Market Outlook” for 2017, which features some interesting speculation on where interest rates will go under a Trump Administration.

A key excerpt:

It usually takes at least a year for a President’s policies to affect the economy. However, the prospect of a higher economic growth rate will increase interest rates. According to Lance Badorf, a Vice President of HJ Sims, the Federal Reserve and the current Administration “put a collar on the dog” for good reason over 8 years ago, and they have not removed it. Look for the new Administration to “release the hounds and let the economy run free.”

To read the full report (and we think it is well worth the read), go to: http://www.hjsims.com/news-views/hj-sims-2017-outlook

What is your interest rate prediction for 2017?



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