Changes to Dining Plans in Senior Housing

By Hallie Fisher:

Baby Boomers will be the next generation to enter independent and assisted living facilities, and those who move by choice will be discerning when it comes to choosing a facility. It’s no secret that the pandemic has highlighted the ways that technology enhances our lives, and even if there comes a time when we are not as reliant on technology as we are now, it’s likely that we have become accustomed to the technology that makes our lives more convenient, and will continue using it even when we do not have to.

One of the technologies that we have all grown accustomed to during the pandemic is food delivery. Even the fanciest and most high-end restaurants are currently delivering food to your door. This has changed the dining experience for many people. Gourmet food that used to be enjoyed in dimly-lit restaurants is now being enjoyed at home, and everyone, including Baby Boomers, are latching on to this trend. While it is possible that not all restaurants will continue offering stay-at-home dining options after the pandemic, dining in – even on high-end restaurant food – is likely a trend that is here to stay.

Even before the pandemic, McKnight Senior Living recognized a trend in senior living facilities of residents ordering meals in through third-party delivery services, and recognized that changes to dining plans in senior housing were necessary to accommodate such change in preferences.  It is likely we will find that trend continuing to an even greater degree for seniors who enter senior living during and after the pandemic, and senior living facilities should start considering what those changes will look like now, to remain competitive for choosy Baby Boomers.


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