Senior Living—A Place for Mom


By Shawn Rader:

Senior Living – A Place for Mom, published a guide for people looking for assisted living facilities.  It occurred to me that it might make sense for an ALF to review what its prospective residents are reviewing when they launch their search.  While the guide can be considered ALF 101, ALFs should at least be prepared to address questions or issues that might arise from an educated prospect.  Moreover, to the extent that an ALF can have ready information which is important to any incoming resident, the likelihood of a mismatch is lessened.

The guide lists 9 steps someone looking should take:  assess their need; know what to ask; tour the facility; study the fees and contracts; examine the staff; look into medical services; ask about activities; observe the staff in action; and search for public licenses and reports.

Especially in the age of Covid, where a tour might not be possible,  it makes sense to have written material and / or a website that covers all of these areas.  Transparency and education are sure to be appreciated by prospects. For example, videos of dining and activities should be available.  And as opposed to the nurse examination of the applicant for determination of the level of care needed being the only inquiry of the applicant’s health, perhaps a discussion of their health from their perspective would not only assist the applicant clarify his / her needs, but could reveal something to the ALF which might otherwise be missed.

Again, maybe 101, but also useful.

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