Trends in Senior Living

By: Shawn Rader:  Latest Trends in ALFs

Baby Boomers have changed the course of marketing and products throughout their lives,  and ALFs are proving no different.   The days of uniform ALFs is passing,  and those on the leading edge of the market are looking to appeal to specific groups,  like a boutique hotel.  Here are a few examples from a recent article in

In California,  the Aegis Garden ALF is designed for Asians,  with the staff speaking both English and Chinese.   Nationwide,  there are a growing number of ALFs that cater to the LBGT community,  and in Florida—of course—there is an ALF for those who practice the nudist lifestyle.

In Massachusetts and New Hampshire,  there are ALFs which are built near and are connected with universities,  which provide continuing education courses for seniors.  In Texas,  there is a Day Care Center from which staff issue forth to serve seniors who live in their RVs and don’t want to give up that lifestyle.   And in Illinois,  outside of Chicago,  there is an ALF which is LEED certified for those who are focused on an eco-friendly community.

These are a few examples of the diversity of options being made available to Baby Boomers today.  Looking ahead:  Lego rooms for Millennials?

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